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WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers is a WikiProject dedicated to building comprehensive and detailed articles for actors and filmmakers. Working on providing a greater focus on people in the film industry, the project is an integral part of both WikiProject Biography and WikiProject Film.


WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers covers biographical material of individuals involved in the process of making motion pictures, including people in the film industry such as actors, directors, crew, and others who may be listed in the motion picture credits of a film. However per Wikipedia:WikiProject Film#Scope, articles in this project should not include the {{WikiProject Film}} banner, as that project does not include articles about actors, directors and filmmakers. Future tagging of bio articles relevant to specific task forces may become a future extension. WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers also does not cover individuals by reason of their participation in episodic programs, such as those covered by WikiProject Television.

  • To standardize Wikipedia articles on film actors, film directors, film producers, screenwriters, cinematographers, film editors, and score composers.
  • To improve Wikipedia coverage of film biographical material by adding, expanding and improving film biographical related articles
  • To serve as a central point of discussion of issues related to Wikipedia film character articles, including those that may be under scrutiny
  • To maintain standards for articles about people in world cinema, as well as for categories, templates, and other Wikipedia items that may support those articles
  • To encourage and provide a structure for enhancing the writing of high quality articles on all manner of different people involved in cinema.
  • To ensure that every article biography related to film uses Template:Infobox person and an image if possible.


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