Wikipedia:Targeted flagging

Targeted flagging is an attempt to find a collaborative way forward that might be acceptable to those with severe reservations about full FlaggedRevs, and those keen to use such to assist with the "BLP problem", while avoiding the development problems and complications of Flagged protection and patrolled revisions.


The main concerns with flagged revisions seem to be:

  1. If widely deployed, it will destroy the "anyone can edit" ethos, driving potential editors away.
  2. There will inevitably be a long backlog between someone editing an article and that edit being approved

These are legitimate concerns.

However, even for those in "BLP hard-liner" school, there should also be concerns with wide use of flagged revisions:

  1. A wide use of flagged revisions will never get consensus - and the fear that a wide use is the end-game of it will prevent more limited use.
  2. A wide use of flagged revisions will force us to give out "reviewing powers" liberally, meaning the quality of the review will be low.
  3. A wide use of flagged revisions will put pressure on reviewers to approve at a glance - which means that only really obvious violations of BLP (e.g. vandalism) will be noticed - subtle libels, and such as false death notices, will get through.

For this reason, flagged revisions being used on all articles is counter-productive, and even its use on all (or most) BLPs is highly questionable.

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