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The picture of the day is an image which is automatically updated each day with an image from Wikipedia:Featured pictures. Although the picture of the day is generally scheduled by one editor, anybody can contribute. If you have concerns about the current picture of the day, please post at Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors. If you have concerns about an upcoming POTD, consider either fixing it yourself or posting at Wikipedia talk:Picture of the day.

October 22 - Mon

Alessandro Vittoria
Alessandro Vittoria (1525–1608) was an Italian Mannerist sculptor, whose work was part of the Venetian classical style. Born and raised in Trento, he moved to Venice in 1543, where he trained and worked with Jacopo Sansovino. Vittoria is known for his classicising portrait busts, a genre that scarcely existed in Venice before him.

This portrait of Vittoria is an oil-on-canvas painting by Paolo Veronese, completed around 1580. It shows Vittoria holding a model of his sculpture of Saint Sebastian, which was installed on the altarpiece to Anthony the Great in the Montefeltro chapel at the church of San Francesco della Vigna in Venice. It is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.Painting: Paolo Veronese

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