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The picture of the day is an image which is automatically updated each day with an image from Wikipedia:Featured pictures. Although the picture of the day is generally scheduled by one editor (currently Crisco 1492), anybody can contribute. If you have concerns about the current picture of the day, please post at Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors. If you have concerns about an upcoming POTD, consider either fixing it yourself or posting at Wikipedia talk:Picture of the day or User talk:Crisco 1492.

May 25 - Fri

Hendrik Merkus de Kock
Hendrik Merkus de Kock (1779–1845) was a Dutch general, minister, and senator. In 1821, he commanded a military expedition to Palembang to suppress a local uprising. Later, as Lieutenant Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, De Kock led the fight against Prince Diponegoro in the Java War (1825–1830), ultimately capturing his opponent through false pretenses at Magelang. For his military victories, de Kock was made baron in 1835, Minister of the Interior in 1836, and Minister of State in 1841.Painting: Cornelis Kruseman

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