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The picture of the day is an image which is automatically updated each day with an image from Wikipedia:Featured pictures. Although the picture of the day is generally scheduled by one editor, anybody can contribute. If you have concerns about the current picture of the day, please post at Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors. If you have concerns about an upcoming POTD, consider either fixing it yourself or posting at Wikipedia talk:Picture of the day.

December 18 - Tue

The kob (Kobus kob) is an antelope found across Central Africa and parts of West Africa and East Africa. It is closely related to the reedbucks and waterbucks and similar in appearance to the impala but more heavily built. Kob have few strong social bonds, but females can live in herds numbering in the thousands. Males are generally territorial, although on densely-populated floodplains some males live in clustered territories known as leks.

This picture shows a female and calf of the Ugandan kob (K. kob thomasi) in the Semliki Wildlife Reserve, Uganda. This subspecies appears on the coat of arms of Uganda.Photograph: Charles J Sharp

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