In the Wikipedia glossary, an orphan is defined as "an article with no links from other pages in the main article namespace". These pages can still be found by searching Wikipedia, but it is preferable that they can also be reachable by links from related pages; it is therefore helpful to add links from other suitable pages with similar and/or related information. De-orphaning articles is an important aspect of building the web.

What is an orphan?

There are several factors that can classify an article or other page as an orphan:

  • Orphaned article: An article with no incoming links which meet the criteria for linking below
  • Isolated article: An article that cannot be reached via a series of links from the Main Page
  • Walled garden: A group of articles that link to each other, but have few or no links to them from other Wikipedia articles. In effect the entire group is orphaned. Theoretically, a walled garden could have numerous articles if they all link to each other but no others link to them.
  • Orphaned project page: A project page (starting with "Wikipedia:") with few or no links from other project pages. Essays are the most likely to be orphaned.
  • Orphaned image: An image not used in any article
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