Wikipedia:Accuracy dispute

Some articles on Wikipedia may contain significant factual inaccuracies, i.e. information that is verifiably wrong. Articles for which much of the factual accuracy is actively disputed should have a {{Disputed}} warning place at the top, and they are listed at recent list of disputed articles, and the current list of articles that link here.

Handling content that may be inaccurate

If you see an article that may be inaccurate, please do the following:

  • Correct it yourself if you can. Add citations to reliable sources to verify the information.
  • If the neutrality of the content is in question, please see Wikipedia:NPOV dispute for more details about how to handle it.
  • If only a few statements seem inaccurate, see Disputed statement.
  • If there are several dubious statements, or if a dispute arises:
    • Begin a "Disputed" section on the talk page to describe the problem, to alert other editors and gain more opinions on whether the content is inaccurate and how to handle it.
    • Paste {{Disputed}} at the beginning of the article to add a general warning.
    • If only the accuracy of a section is disputed, add {{Disputed-section}} at the beginning of the section.