White British

White British
Total population
White British
Regions with significant populations
 United Kingdom
England England42,279,236 (79.8%) (2011)[1]
Scotland Scotland4,863,000 (91.8%) (2011)[2]
Wales Wales2,855,450 (93.2%) (2011)[1]
Northern Ireland (including all White people reporting at least one of British/Irish/Northern Irish/English/Scottish/Welsh national identities)1,738,604 (98.28%) (2011)[4][5]
Predominantly British English
Also: Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Scots, Ulster Scots, Cornish, Manx, British Sign Language
Predominantly Christianity (Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Roman Catholic etc.)[1];Other

White British is an ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census. In the 2011 census, the White British population was 51,736,290, 81.9% of the UK total population (NB. This total includes the population estimate for Northern Ireland, where only the term 'White' is used in ethnic classification. National identity is listed separately in NI, where 40% classified themselves as British, making up a significant portion of the population, along with those specifying their national identity as Irish.[4]).[1][2][3]

Census classifications

For the 2011 census, in England and Wales, the White British self-classification option included the subcategories of White English, White Welsh, White Scottish and White Northern Irish.[6][7] In Scotland, the White British category was broken down into two different categories: White Scottish and Other White British.[8] In Northern Ireland, the White British classification did not appear, the only choice being 'White'.[9]

The 2011 census for England, Wales and Scotland also included additional White ethnic classifications of White Irish, Irish Traveller and White Other. There were calls for the 2011 national census in England and Wales to include an extra subcategory so people could identify their ethnic group as Cornish.[10][11]

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