Wallacepur is a village in the Ghogha Taluka of Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, India. It was founded in the 19th century and became the only all-Christian village in Gujarat.[1][2]


The Ghogha Christian mission was initiated by the Reverend James McKee in 1844 and was a part of the Kathiawar and Gujarat mission establishment started and supported by the Irish Presbyterian Mission.[3][4]

About 1869, Wallacepur was founded on a tract of land near the village of Kareda about 11 mi (18 km) southwest of Ghogha by William Beatty, a missionary at Ghogha from 1867 to 1877. The village was laid out and most of the houses were built by Beatty. He also built a church with a bell in 1871. The village was named after James Wallace, who had been appointed a missionary at Ghogha in 1845 and later at Surat. Wallace had retranslated scriptures, and written an educational textbook and some Gujarati tracts.[4][3][5][6]

Additions to the village were made by the Reverend George T. Rea, who was in charge of the mission afterwards.[3] In 1871, a number of Christians came from Gujarat and settled. At the time, there were eight houses, a church with a bell, a resthouse, a missionaries house, a public well, and a cattle pond.[3]

Most of the villagers were Hindu and later adopted Christianity.[5][6]

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