Wait and Bleed

"Wait and Bleed"
Single by Slipknot
from the album Slipknot
ReleasedJuly 28, 1999[citation needed]
Recorded1998 at Indigo Ranch, Malibu, California
GenreNu metal[1][2][3]
Slipknot singles chronology
"Wait and Bleed"
"Spit It Out"

"Wait and Bleed" is a song by American nu metal band Slipknot's self-titled album of 1999. Remixed with more prominent clean-sung vocals, it was released as the lead single from the album in July 1999, and peaked at number 34 on the American Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in February 2000.

Meaning and background

Joey Jordison recalled in an interview with Kerrang "I wrote the music for 'Wait and Bleed' on my own… I showed it to the guys at rehearsal, and then Corey wrote some lyrics really fast in our practice space… He took us to a new level immediately." "The song's about that switch in your head that can go at any moment," noted Corey Taylor. "You go from being a civilized human being to someone who can commit terrible acts. I've always been fascinated by the fact we represent ourselves as civilized when, at any moment, we can become animals."[4]

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