Voskhod 1

Voskhod 1
Voskhod 1 capsule on display, 2016.jpg
Voskhod 1 capsule in the Science Museum, London
OperatorSoviet space program
Mission duration1 day, 17 minutes, 3 seconds
Orbits completed16
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftVoskhod-3KV No.3
ManufacturerExperimental Design Bureau OKB-1
Launch mass5,320 kilograms (11,730 lb)
Landing massG
Crew size3
MembersVladimir Komarov
Konstantin Feoktistov
Boris Yegorov
CallsignРубин (Rubin - "Ruby")
Start of mission
Launch date12 October 1964, 07:30:01 (1964-10-12UTC07:30:01Z) UTC[1]
RocketVoskhod 11A57
Launch siteGagarin's Start[1]
End of mission
Landing date13 October 1964, 07:47:04 (1964-10-13UTC07:47:05Z) UTC
Landing site52°2′N 68°8′E / 52°2′N 68°8′E / 52.033; 68.133
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeLow Earth
Perigee altitude178 kilometres (111 mi)
Apogee altitude336 kilometres (209 mi)
Inclination64.7 degrees
Period89.6 minutes
Voskhod programme
Manned flights

Voskhod 1 (Russian: Восход-1; Восход is Russian for Sunrise) was the seventh crewed Soviet space flight. In October 1964 it achieved a number of "firsts" in the history of crewed spaceflight, being the first space flight to carry more than one crewman into orbit, the first flight without the use of spacesuits, and the first to carry either an engineer or a physician into outer space. It also set a crewed spacecraft altitude record of 336 km (209 mi).[2]

The three spacesuits for the Voskhod 1 cosmonauts were omitted; there was neither the room nor the payload capacity for the Voskhod to carry them. The original Voskhod had been designed to carry two cosmonauts, but Soviet politicians pushed the Soviet space program into squeezing three cosmonauts into Voskhod 1. The only other space flight in the short Voskhod program, Voskhod 2, carried two suited cosmonauts — of necessity, because it was the flight on which Alexei Leonov made the world's first walk in space.[3]

As part of its payload Voskhod 1 carried a ribbon off a Communard banner from the Paris Commune of 1871 into orbit.[4]


Position Cosmonaut
Command Pilot Vladimir Komarov
First spaceflight
Engineer Konstantin Feoktistov
Only spaceflight
Medical Doctor Boris Yegorov
Only spaceflight

Back-up crew

Position Cosmonaut
Command Pilot Boris Volynov
Engineer Georgi Katys
Medical Doctor Aleksei Sorokin

Reserve Cosmonaut

Position Cosmonaut
Medical Doctor Vasili Lazarev
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