Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia

Victor Amadeus III
Clementi, attributed to - Victor Amadeus III.jpg
King of Sardinia and Duke of Savoy
Reign20 February 1773 – 16 October 1796
PredecessorCharles Emmanuel III
SuccessorCharles Emmanuel IV
Born(1726-06-26)26 June 1726
Royal Palace, Turin, Savoy
Died16 October 1796(1796-10-16) (aged 70)
Castle of Moncalieri, Turin, Savoy
IssueCharles Emmanuel IV, King of Sardinia
Maria Giuseppina, Countess of Provence
Maria Teresa, Countess of Artois
Maria Anna, Duchess of Chablais
Victor Emmanuel I, King of Sardinia
Maurizio, Duke of Montferrat
Maria Carolina, Electoral Princess of Saxony
Charles Felix, King of Sardinia
Giuseppe, Count of Asti
Full name
Italian: Vittorio Amedeo Maria di Savoia
FatherCharles Emmanuel III of Sardinia
MotherPolyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Victor Amadeus III (Vittorio Amadeo Maria; 26 June 1726 – 16 October 1796) was King of Sardinia from 1773 to his death. Although he was politically conservative, he carried out numerous administrative reforms until he declared war on Revolutionary France in 1792.[1] He was the father of the last three mainline Kings of Sardinia.

Early life and personality

Born at the Royal Palace of Turin, he was a son of Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia and his second wife Polyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg. He was styled the Duke of Savoy from birth until he succeeded to his father's throne.[2] He was the eldest son of his parents and was the heir apparent from birth which was greeted with much celebration. His father had had a son with his first wife, Countess Palatine Anne Christine of Sulzbach who was also named Victor Amadeus, Duke of Aosta, but died in 1725. His education was entrusted to Gerdil Giacinto Sigismondo, with a particular emphasis on military training. Throughout his life he would have a great interest in the state military on which he lavished attention.

As a young prince, he surrounded himself with intellectuals and ministers, many of whom would come to prominence in his reign. He was privately conservative and very religious person, who, as a young boy, stayed far from public life. His father felt him to be unsuitable to hold power.

Good-natured but naive, Savoy would be loved by his subjects for his generosity.[3]

Other Languages
беларуская: Віктар Амадэй III
български: Виктор-Амадей III
Piemontèis: Vitòrio Medeo III
українська: Віктор Амадей III