Victoire de Donnissan de La Rochejaquelein la Rochejacquelin

Marie Louise Victoire de Donnissan de La Rochejaquelein née marquise de Lescure (25 October 1772 - 15 February 1857), was a French memoirist. She is known for her memoirs, depicting her misfortunes and her part in the Vendée wars.


She was born at Versailles as the daughter of Guy Joseph de Donnissan and Marie-Françoise de Durfort-Civrac. She was a member of a court family, and the god-daughter of Madame Victoire. She married her cousin the marquis de Lescure, whom she accompanied during the Revolt in the Vendée. When a conciliatory policy was adopted, she managed to save much of the property of herself and her late spouse. She secondly married Louis du Vergier de La Rochejaquelein [fr], the cousin of her first spouse, and retired with him to her estates, both refusing all offers to serve in any capacity under Napoleon. In 1814, the couple took an active part in the Royalist movement in and about Bordeaux, when her spouse attempted to bring about another Vendan rising for Louis XVIII, for which he was killed. She died at Orléans in 1857.[1]

Her memoirs, recording foremost her life during her misfortunes and her part in the Vendée wars, was first published at Bordeaux in 1815.[2] They are considered to give a remarkable picture of the war and the fortunes of the Royalists.