Vice-President of Sierra Leone

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The Vice-President of Sierra Leone is the second most senior government official in the executive branch of the Republic of Sierra Leone government after the president. The vice president only constitutional power is the immediate successor to the president of Sierra Leone if the president resigned or is removed from office by the Sierra Leone parliament]. Other than that the power of the vice president depends on the role delegated to the office by the president.

The vice president of Sierra Leone is the second most influential position in the government of Sierra Leone, after the president. The current Vice President of Sierra Leone is Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, a member of the ruling Sierra Leone People's Party; he was sworn in as vice president on April 4, 2018, after the victory of Jalloh's and Julius Maada Bio's presidential ticket in the 2018 Sierra Leone presidential election.


The vice president of Sierra Leone is protected by a special unit of police officers of the operational support division of the Sierra Leone Police.