La Viñuela
Lake Viñuela
Lake Viñuela
Coat of arms of La Viñuela
Coat of arms
La Viñuela is located in Andalusia
La Viñuela
La Viñuela
Location in Andalusia
Coordinates: 36°51′N 4°08′W / 36°51′N 4°08′W / 36.850; -4.133
Country Spain Spain
Autonomous Community Andalusia Andalusia
Province Flag Málaga Province.svg Málaga
Comarca Axarquía - Costa del Sol
 • Type Mayor-council
 • Body Ayuntamiento de Viñuela.
 •  Mayor Juan José Jiménez López ( PSOE)
 • Urban 27.22 km2 (10.51 sq mi)
Elevation 150 m (490 ft)
Population (2011)
 •  Urban 1,980
Demonym(s) Viñoleros
Time zone CET ( UTC+1)
 • Summer ( DST) CEST ( UTC+2)
Postcode 29712 and 29713
Calling code +34 (Spain) 95 (Málaga)
Municipal location in the province of Málaga.

Viñuela is a municipality in the province of Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. It belongs to the comarca of La Axarquía. The village of La Viñuela is situated 47 kilometres (29 mi) from the provincial capital of Málaga and 19 kilometres (12 mi) from the coast at Torre del Mar. The village sits at a height of 150 metres (490 ft) above sea level. Inhabitants are called viñoleros. One of its hamlets is Los Romanes.

La Viñuela is dominated by the landscape of La Maroma, which belongs to the mountain range known as Sierra de Tejeda and at a height of 2,068 metres (6,785 ft) is the highest mountain in Axarquía. [2] Another dominant feature of the landscape is that of the reservoir known in English as Lake Viñuela; it holds 170 million cubic metres of water and is surrounded by picnic areas, some with barbecues. Swimming and non-motorised water sports are also permitted here.


  • Average temperature: 17°C
  • Hours of sun per year: 2900
  • Rainfall: 568 l/m²
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