Vermilion (song)

Slipknot Vermilion.jpg
Single by Slipknot
from the album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
  • "Vermilion Pt. 2"
  • "Scream"
ReleasedOctober 5, 2004
FormatCD single[1]
RecordedThe Mansion in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California; Akademie Mathematique of Philosophical Sound Research and Sound City in Los Angeles, California[2]
GenreAlternative metal
  • 5:16 (album version)
  • 4:17 (single mix)
Producer(s)Rick Rubin[4]
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"Vermilion Pt. 2"
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"Vermilion" was the second single from American heavy metal band Slipknot's third album, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). When the band plays the song live, they switch from their ordinary masks to "death masks"; each an actual cast of each member's face.[5] However, during the All Hope Is Gone tour, all members except Craig and Paul did not wear the death masks for the song.[6] "Vermilion Pt. 2" is a continuation of the first part.

The time signature in Pt. 1 starts off as 4/4, but features a switch to 5/4 before the second verse. From the third verse onwards, the song is in 3/4 time.


"That song was on a demo that Paul [Gray, bassist] and Joey [Jordison, drummer] put together. For some reason, as soon as I heard it, all I could see was the colour red. I love the idea of creating a world from the standpoint of a stalker. I was trying to recreate that dark urgency and desperate need. Anyone who's ever had that jealous rage knows what that feeling is." – Corey Taylor[7]

"I wrote most of this, then Paul put the middle section together. When I write, I'm always thinking of [singer] Corey's place in the song. That chemistry between me, Paul and Corey has always been interesting." – Joey Jordison[7]

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