Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova
Valentina Tereshkova (2017-03-06).jpg
Valentina in March 2017
Soviet cosmonaut
Born (1937-03-06) 6 March 1937 (age 81)
Bolshoye Maslennikovo, Tutayevsky District, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Other names
Valentina Nikolayeva Tereshkova
Other occupation
RankRAF AF F6MajGen 2010-1.png Major General, Soviet Air Force
Time in space
2 days, 22 hrs, and 50 mins
SelectionFemale group
MissionsVostok 6
AwardsHero of the Soviet Union
Order "For Merit to the Fatherland"
Order of Lenin (2)
Order of the October Revolution
Order of Alexander Nevsky
Order of Honour
Order of Friendship

Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova (Russian: Валенти́на Влади́мировна Терешко́ва, IPA: [vɐlʲɪnʲˈtʲinə vlɐˈdʲimʲɪrəvnə tʲɪrʲɪʂˈkovə] (About this soundlisten); born 6 March 1937) is a retired Russian cosmonaut, engineer, and politician. She is the first woman to have flown in space, having been selected from more than 400 applicants and five finalists to pilot Vostok 6 on 16 June 1963.

In order to join the Cosmonaut Corps, Tereshkova was honorarily inducted into the Soviet Air Force and thus she also became the first civilian to fly in space.[1]

Before her recruitment as a cosmonaut, Tereshkova was a textile-factory assembly worker and an amateur skydiver. After the dissolution of the first group of female cosmonauts in 1969, she became a prominent member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, holding various political offices. She remained politically active following the collapse of the Soviet Union and is regarded as a hero in post-Soviet Russia and much of the world. Having orbited Earth 48 times, Tereshkova remains the only woman ever to have been on a solo space mission.[2][3]

In 2013, she offered to go on a one-way trip to Mars if the opportunity arose.[4]

Early life

Valentine Tereshkova was born in the village of Maslennikovo in Tutayevsky District, Yaroslavl Oblast, in central Russia. Her parents had migrated from Belarus.[5] Tereshkova's father was a tractor driver and her mother worked in a textile plant. Tereshkova went to school in 1945 at the age 8; however, she left school in 1953 at 16 and continued her education by correspondence courses.[6]

She became interested in parachuting from a young age, and trained in skydiving at the local Aeroclub, making her first jump at age 22 on 21 May 1959; at the time, she was employed as a textile worker in a local factory. It was her expertise in skydiving that led to her selection as a cosmonaut. In 1961, she became Secretary of the local Komsomol (Young Communist League) and later joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.[7]

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