VTR (telecom company)

VTR Globalcom S.A.
Subsidiary of Liberty Global
PredecessorVía Trans Radio Chilena
HeadquartersAv. Apoquindo Nº4800, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Area served
All regions of Chile
Key people
David Leonard, Guillermo Ponce
Cable television
mobile telephony
ParentLiberty Global

VTR Globalcom S.A. is a Chilean telecommunications company. It is the country's largest provider of subscription television, with 1,065,675 subscribers (32.8% market share, as of September 2017),[1] and of fixed broadband Internet access (38.0% share, as of September 2017).[2] It is also the second largest provider of fixed telephone service (20.0%, as of September 2017), behind Telefónica.[3] It also has a small but growing participation (0.90%, as of September 2017) in the mobile phone business.[4]

It is wholly owned by Liberty Global; Grupo Saieh's CorpGroup previously owned 20% until March 2014 when Liberty Global acquired the remaining 20% it didn't own.[5][6]

VTR also owns Bazuca.com, a video rental services company, and —together with Turner Broadcasting SystemCNN Chile, a 24-hour news channel based in Santiago.[6]

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