Várzea Grande, Mato Grosso

Várzea Grande (Mato Grosso)
Flag of Várzea Grande (Mato Grosso)
Official seal of Várzea Grande (Mato Grosso)
Within Mato Grosso
Within Mato Grosso
Várzea Grande (Mato Grosso) is located in Brazil
Várzea Grande (Mato Grosso)
Várzea Grande (Mato Grosso)
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 15°38′49″S 56°07′58″W / 15°38′49″S 56°07′58″W / -15.64694; -56.13278
Country Brazil
StateMato Grosso
MesoregionCentro-Sul Mato-Grossense
 • MayorLucimar Sacre de Campos (Democrats)
 • Demonymvarzeagrandense
 • Total938.057 km2 (362.186 sq mi)
198 m (650 ft)
(July 1 2018)
 • Total282,009
 • Density300/km2 (780/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC -4

Várzea Grande (Mato Grosso) is a municipality in the state of Mato Grosso in the Central-West Region of Brazil.[1][2][3][4]


The "City of the Great Lowlands" arose from a donation of land grants given to the Guana Indians, considered civilized by the Portuguese and known for their skills as boatmen and fishermen, in 1832 by the imperial government. The city, whose name roughly translates into English as "Great Lowlands of the Guana", was a mandatory stop along the way for the herds of cattle that came from Upper Rio Rosario (now Rosario West ) that were en route to Cuiabá.

However, according to traditional history, its foundation is closely linked to the military camp built during the war with Paraguay, supposedly near the current center of town - Camp Couto Magalhães. However, this military camp, which gave support to the state capital during the war, which was established May 15, 1867, by general, lawyer, and diamond mining town founder, José Vieira Couto de Magalhães, was located on the left shore of the Cuiabá River, or on the other side of the river from the city of Cuiabá, near the mouth of the Rio Coxipó, the northern capital.

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