Unknown Soldier Memorial (Egypt)

The Unknown Soldier Memorial

Many Unknown Soldier Memorials for Egyptian and Arab soldiers were constructed inside and outside Egypt. The most famous is the one in Cairo.

The Unknown Soldier Memorial in Cairo is a pyramid-shaped monument in Nasr City. Its construction was ordered by president Anwar Sadat in 1974 in honour of Egyptians and Arabs who lost their lives in the 1973 October War. It was inaugurated in October 1975. The site was also chosen for the president's tomb after his assassination in October 1981.

Cairo Memorial

The monument is made of concrete and resembles a hollow pyramid, with a height of 25 meters, and a base width of 14.3 meters. The four pillars are 1.9 meters thick, and are inscribed with 71 symbolic names. At the center of the base is a solid basalt cube representing the soldier's tomb. The memorial is open to visitors at all times. It was designed by the artist Sami Rafi, a Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo who obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Vienna.[1] A small memorial to the martyrs of 1973 war is present in the 6th of October Panorama.