Boeing 737 Twinjet
The Vought F7U Cutlass was one of the first modern twinjet fighters.

A twinjet or twin-engine jet is a jet aircraft powered by two engines. A twinjet is able to fly well enough to land with a single working engine, making it safer than a single-engine aircraft in the event of failure of an engine.[1] Fuel efficiency of a twinjet is better than that of aircraft with more engines.[2] These considerations have led to the widespread use of aircraft of all types with twin engines, including airliners, fixed-wing military aircraft, and others.

Aircraft configurations

As of today, there are three most common configurations of twinjet aircraft. The first, common on large aircraft such as airliners, has a podded engine usually mounted beneath, or occasionally above or within, each wing.

The second has one engine mounted on each side of the rear fuselage, close to its empennage, used by many business jets.

In the third configuration both engines are within the fuselage, side-by-side, used by most fighters since the 1960s. Later fighters using this configuration include the Su-27 'Flanker', the F-15 Eagle, and the F-22 Raptor.

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