Divina Pastora Cathedral.
Divina Pastora Cathedral.
Tucupita is located in Venezuela
Coordinates: 09°03′33″N 62°04′05″W / 09°03′33″N 62°04′05″W / 9.05917; -62.06806

Tucupita (Spanish pronunciation: [tukuˈpita]) is the capital city of the Venezuelan state of Delta Amacuro.


Delta Amacuro consists almost entirely of the swampy Orinoco River delta. Tucupita is hot and humid, and lies well into the delta on the Caño Manamo river (one of the two major branches of the Orinoco river delta). It is approached by a road which runs along the top of a barrier constructed in the 1960s to create dry land. The project is considered by many to be a failure since little dry land was created and massive ecological disruption was caused by salt water penetration of the delta.[citation needed]

The delta is covered mostly by mangrove swamp but there is a huge range of other flora and fauna making it one of the world's more ecologically diverse places. Significant amounts of oil have been discovered in the western parts of the delta and there is apprehension that exploitation of this oil will cause substantial ecological damage.[citation needed]

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