Triumph Palace

Triumph Palace
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Triumph Palace
Location in Moscow
General information
LocationChapayevsky Pereulok, 3
Moscow, Russia
Coordinates55°47′54″N 37°31′15″E / 55°47′54″N 37°31′15″E / 55.79833; 37.520832001
Roof264.1 metres (866 ft)
Technical details
Floor count57
Floor area168,633 square metres (1,815,150 sq ft)

Triumph Palace (Russian: Триу́мф-Пала́с, transliterated as Triumf Palas) is the tallest apartment building in Moscow and all of Europe. It is sometimes called the Eighth Sister because it is similar in appearance to the Seven Sisters[4] skyscrapers built in Moscow under Joseph Stalin through the 1950s. Construction began in 2001.

The 57-storey building, containing about 1,000 luxury apartments[citation needed], was topped out on 20 December 2003, making it Europe's[1] and Russia's tallest skyscraper at 264.1 metres (866 ft) until the inauguration in 2007 of Moscow's 268-metre Naberezhnaya Tower block C.

Triumph Palace is featured in detail in the 2009 Channel 4 series Vertical City (series 1, episode 8).

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