Time Commando

Time Commando
Time Commando cover.png
Developer(s)Adeline Software International
Director(s)Frédérick Raynal
Producer(s)Serge Plagnol
Designer(s)Didier Chanfray
Composer(s)Philippe Vachey
Platform(s)MS-DOS, Windows, PlayStation, Saturn
  • EU: 31 July 1996
  • NA: 31 July 1996
  • EU: 30 September 1996
  • NA: 30 September 1996
  • JP: 15 November 1996
Sega Saturn
  • JP: 5 March 1998
Mode(s)Single player

Time Commando is an action-adventure computer and video game developed by Adeline Software and published by Electronic Arts in Europe, Activision in America (United States[1] and Brazil), and Virgin Interactive (PlayStation version) and Acclaim Entertainment (Sega Saturn version) in Japan.

It was originally released for the PC on 31 July 1996 in Europe, the United States and Brazil, and was later ported for PlayStation and released on 30 September 1996 in Europe and the United States, and on 15 November 1996 in Japan. A Sega Saturn version of the game was also released in Japan on 5 March 1998.

Time Commando was re-released for modern computer systems on 6 January 2012 by GOG.com.


The game takes place in the near future, in the year 2020. At the Historical Tactical Center, the military, with the help of a private corporation has created a computer capable of simulating any form of combat from any point in history. However, a programmer from a rival corporation infects the system with a "Predator Virus" that creates a time-distortion vortex, which threatens to swallow the world if it is not destroyed. The player controls Stanley Opar, a S.A.V.E. (Special Action for Virus Elimination) operative at the facility who enters the vortex to try and stop the virus.

In order to accomplish this, Stanley must combat various enemies throughout different time periods. These eras are Prehistoric (featuring cavemen, saber tooth tigers, and cave bears), Roman Empire, Feudal Japan, Medieval, Conquistador, Wild West, Modern Wars (World War I and supposedly World War III), Future (Stanley's era), and finally, inside the main computer (Virus World), culminating in a showdown with the virus itself.

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