Tie Ning

Tie Ning
Tie Ning in Beijing, 2017
Tie Ning in Beijing, 2017
BornSeptember 1957 (age 61)
Beijing, China
OccupationNovelist, politician
ResidenceShijiazhuang, Hebei
Alma materBaoding 11th High School
Period1975 - present
GenreNovels, short stories
Notable worksAh, Xiangxue
How Long is Forever
Wheat Straw Stack
Notable awardsZhuang Zhongwen Literary Prize
Lu Xun Literary Prize
Lao She Literary Award
Bing Xin Prose Award
2002 2005
SpouseHua Sheng (华生)
RelativesFather: Tie Yang (铁扬)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Tie Ning during opening ceremony of The 1-st International Writing Program in Beijing (2017)
Tie Ning, Jidi Majia, Nurduran Duman, J.Pijarowski and many more of international and chinese guests during opening ceremony of The 1-st International Writing Program in Beijing (2017)

Tie Ning (born September 1957) is a Chinese author based in Beijing, China. She has, since 2006, been the president of the China Writers Association and is a member of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Her works include short stories, "Ah, Xiangxue" (Chinese: 哦,香雪), The Red Shirt Without Buttons (Chinese: 沒有紐扣的紅襯衫), "June's Big Topic" (Chinese: 六月的話題), Wheat Straw Stack (Chinese: 麥秸垛), Cotton Stack (Chinese: 棉花垛), "The Village Road Takes Me Home", Rose Door (Chinese: 玫瑰門), "How Long is Forever" (Chinese: 永遠有多遠) and Da Yu Nü (Chinese: 大浴女) (Big-Bath Woman).


Tie Ning traces her ancestry to Hebei province. In 1975, after graduation from high school in Baoding, Tie Ning went to Hebei Province to experience rural life. In 1979, she returned to Baoding and worked in the Baoding Branch of the Chinese Federation of Art and Literature as novel editor. In 1984, she worked in the Creative Writing Workshop of Hebei. Now she is the chairperson of the Writers Association of China, a position no woman had ever held before.[1] On 4 December 2016 Tie Ning was subsequently elected as chairwoman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, replacing Sun Jiazheng, in addition to being reelected as chairperson of the Writers Association of China.[2]

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