The End Tour

The End Tour
Tour by Black Sabbath
LocationNorth America
South America
Associated albumThe End
Start date20 January 2016 (2016-01-20)
End date4 February 2017 (2017-02-04)
No. of shows41 in North America
7 in Oceania
26 in Europe
7 in South America
81 total
Box office$85 million
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The End Tour was the farewell tour of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, featuring founding members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. The tour concluded Sabbath's 40+ year career. The final show was 4 February 2017, in their home city of Birmingham, UK.[1]



Ozzy Osbourne at the last concert, 4 February 2017, Birmingham
Tommy Clufetos at the last concert, 4 February 2017, Birmingham

Initial dates were announced in a video posted on the band's YouTube channel on 3 September 2015 with more dates announced in October 2015.[2][3] As with the previous tour, Tommy Clufetos filled in for original drummer Bill Ward, due to the latter's departure and animosity towards singer Ozzy Osbourne.[4] An eight-track EP, entitled The End, was released to coincide with this tour and was only available at shows. Rival Sons were the sole support act for all of Black Sabbath's headlining shows.[5][6] Five Finger Death Punch originally planned to join the oceanic leg of the tour, but canceled following Ivan Moody's Hospitalization. [7] Osbourne said of the farewell tour, "this is it, it's definitely run its course".[8]

The tour concluded on 4 February 2017 with the final two gigs being played in the band's native Birmingham. The last show was streamed live on the band's Facebook page.[8] Prior to the gig, Ozzy discussed his emotions he was feeling, suggesting he would cry after the farewell.[9] Osbourne was adamant this is the end,[10] but intends to carry on with solo work,[9] having already returned following a 1992 'final' solo tour.[9] Iommi confirmed no more world tours, but remains open to a new album or one-off show.[10] Iommi had been diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012, and the toll of touring on his health was the main reason to end touring.[11] Osbourne had intended to say something to the crowd but did not prepare a speech.[9] He closed the show with a simple statement to the crowd "Thank you, goodnight, thank you so much."[8][12]

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