The Collection (Lincolnshire)

The Usher Gallery
The Collection
The Collection - the "glass covered 'alley'" referred to in the text.

The Collection is the county museum and gallery for Lincolnshire in England. It is an amalgamation of the Usher Gallery and the City and County Museum in such a way that they can work more effectively together than hitherto. The museum part of the enterprise is housed in a new, purpose-built building close by the Usher Gallery in the city of Lincoln.

The site

Lincoln consists of two parts, that at the top of the cliff and that in the Witham valley. The site of the collection is on the steep slope between the two and within the Roman colonia which linked the first century legionary fortress with the shipping and commerce in the river. The new building presents its qualities modestly so as to enhance its surroundings which, towards the end of the twentieth century had slightly developed the feeling of a no man's land.

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