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Terramelar is a neighborhood that belongs to the township of Paterna, in the land of Valencia(Spain). It's composed of 29 buildings, 15 house blocks and 12 slums. Before being urbanised, almond trees were cultivated in this area, hence the origin of the name (Valencian: Terra d'ametlers, land of almond trees). It is bordered on the north by the neighborhood of Valterna and La Coma, south to Valencia fair, east to the town of Burjassot and west to the military barracks of Paterna.The population is about 2652 persons. (INE 2006).

The neighborhood has an important school named " El Armelar", a pharmacy, a civic center, an outpatients' department, a "casal fallero", a paper shop, a supermarket, two estate companies, two hairdresser's, the circles, the "hueco", four restaurants and a sports center with big pool, kids' pool, two tennis court, a pharmacy, three paddle court and a football 7 court, a supermarket' and a take-away food shop, also planning to open a ' perfect fry chicken ' shop around Paterna Town.

Terramelar became known on the news because was placed of the focus of the Rumanian organized crime with its headquarters in the "Bar Plaza" (currently known as "The Paquito") when, after an investigation carried out by the Europol, the Spanish national police force arrested the bigwig of the mafia and his wife after her popular quote "No entender, no entender" ("I don't understand"). Among the main operations of the band, it's remarkable the credit card fraud.

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