Tennessee State Route 155

State Route 155 primary marker State Route 155 secondary marker

State Route 155
Briley Parkway
Thompson Lane
White Bridge Pike
Woodmont Boulevard
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length30.59 mi[1] (49.23 km)
Major junctions
Loop around Nashville
Highway system
I-155SR 156

State Route 155 (SR 155), mostly designated as Briley Parkway, is a major freeway and parkway beltway around Nashville, Tennessee. It is 30.59 mi (49.2 km) long.

Briley Parkway, named in honor of former Nashville mayor Beverly Briley, passes the Grand Ole Opry House, Opry Mills, and the Opryland Hotel east of Nashville. It crosses the Cumberland River twice, once near Madison, and again on the west side of Nashville, near the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution and John C. Tune Airport. On the southeast portion of the loop, Briley Parkway crosses Interstate 40 and passes Nashville International Airport.

Route description

A sign off of Exit 26 offering a choice between SR 155 northbound and SR 155 southbound. Similar signs are common on roads that junction with SR 155.

Briley Parkway is an uninterrupted, divided highway on its northern loop from I-40 near the airport to I-40 in West Nashville. Much of the northern loop between I-40 and I-65 (the section passing through Donelson and Pennington Bend) was recently widened from four lanes to eight lanes, including new interchanges at I-40, US 31E, and I-65. The project was completed in 2007.

Briley Parkway starts at the intersection of East Thompson Lane and Thompson Lane in south Nashville and ends at I-40 in West Nashville. The highway, however, starts at I-40 in eastern Nashville.

The other end of the northern loop, the interchange at I-40 and White Bridge Road (on the west side of town), was reconstructed. Phase one was completed ahead of schedule in 2005; phase two, ramps to and from Briley and separation it from the White Bridge Road/I-40 interchange, was completed by 2013.[2]

In south Nashville, Briley Parkway runs into Thompson Lane which later becomes Woodmont Boulevard (which are principal arterial roads in the south end), before changing to White Bridge Road and back to Briley Parkway again. These roads are interrupted and not divided highways. Woodmont Boulevard is the only section of the continuous road not designated as SR 155. As Thompson Lane, SR 155 passes through Berry Hill at I-65 south and passes 100 Oaks Mall. As Woodmont Boulevard, it passes near Saint Thomas Hospital and Aquinas College near Belle Meade.

Of six interstate crossings, the only one inaccessible directly from this road is I-65 south of town, though drivers are directed via Powell Avenue to the Armory Drive exit of I-65 or via Franklin Road (US 31) and Harding Place to I-65.

To make the complete circle, at the speed limit, will typically take a driver 70 to 90 minutes, dependent on traffic conditions, most of which will be spent on the southern loop of this continuous road.

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