Mitra stictica
Mitra stictica, commonly known as the pontifical mitre, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Mitridae. This species is found in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans and may reach 87 mm (3.4 in) in length. Mitre shells are so-called because their shape resembles that of a mitre, the ceremonial head-dress of bishops in the Christian church. They are predators, using a long toothed radula to feed on worms and molluscs.

This picture shows five views of an empty M. stictica shell from Queensland, Australia, some 6 cm (2.4 in) long. Clockwise from top left, the shell is seen in abapertural, lateral, apertural, umbilical, and apical views.Photograph credit: H. Zell

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