Anne Duvivier, comtesse de Vergennes
Anne Duvivier, comtesse de Vergennes (1730–1798), also known as Annette Duvivier or de Viviers, was the wife of the French statesman and diplomat Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes, ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. Her first marriage was to Francesco Testa, a merchant and member of one of the oldest Latin families of Péra, but she was widowed at the age of 24. She then lived as Gravier's mistress for some time before the couple married without the consent of King Louis XV, for which he was later recalled. They went on to have two daughters.

This picture is an oil-on-canvas portrait of Duvivier by the French painter Antoine de Favray from the second half of the 18th century, titled Portrait of the Countess of Vergennes in Turkish Attire. She is portrayed on a divan in oriental costume, shortly before she married Gravier. The painting now hangs in the Pera Museum in Istanbul.Painting credit: Antoine de Favray

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