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This is a template for nominating new candidates for the In the News section at WP:ITNC. The template has two main parameters, article and blurb. If they are missing it states no article specified and no blurb specified. The article automatically links to the page. Empty parameters are optional. The full syntax includes a level four heading - 'Nomination header' should be changed to include the name of the article being nominated and if the nomination is for the recent deaths (RD) or ongoing sections.

Example usage:


  • article: the main article in the news.
  • article2: a second related article in the news that can be nominated in the same blurb. Rarely used.
  • image: a relevant free-use, not fair-use, image suitable for the main page.
  • blurb: a brief description of why the article is in the news. Does not show with recent deaths/ongoing, use altblurb instead.
  • recent deaths: to propose items for recent deaths.
  • ongoing: to propose/remove items for ongoing.
  • altblurb(#): possible alternative wording of the blurb. Can also be filled with the alternatively proposed blurb, when unsure whether the item should be posted under recent deaths/ongoing, or as a full blurb.
  • sources: links to relevant news sources showing why the nominated article is in the news.
  • updated: changes the 'Article' text to 'Updated article', or 'Article to update' respectively.
  • updated2: per above, if the article2 parameter is used.
  • nominator: automatically filled in with the username of the person nominating the candidate article and story.
  • updater: which should be filled in when the article to be posted is updated, with the username of the person who has contributed the most to updates.
  • updater(#): per above but allowing for the possibility that the article was jointly updated
    • If both nominator and updater are the same person, both fields must still be filled in. The template will return one line with the user credited as both nominator and updater.
  • ITNR: if yes, a comment is added about the item being a recurring item.
  • nom cmt: the nominator's reasoning for nominating the item and can be used to note potential problems with the nomination or article.
  • sign: the nominator's signature (~~~~).

Full syntax

==== Nomination header ====
{{ITN candidate
| article       = <!-- Do not wikilink -->
| article2      = <!-- Do not wikilink - leave blank if nominating only one article -->
| image         = <!-- Name of image only; do not link. Please crop the image before adding, if necessary. -->
| blurb         = <!-- Add your suggestion of the blurb; should be written in simple present tense. -->
| recent deaths = no <!-- (yes/no); instead of specifying a blurb the nomination can be for the "Recent deaths" line -->
| ongoing       = no <!-- (add/rem/no); instead of specifying a blurb the nomination can be for the "Ongoing" line -->
| altblurb      = <!-- An alternative blurb. Leave blank if not needed -->
| altblurb2     = <!-- A second alternative blurb. Leave blank if not needed -->
| altblurb3     = <!-- A third alternative blurb. Leave blank if not needed -->
| altblurb4     = <!-- A fourth alternative blurb. Leave blank if not needed -->
| sources       = <!-- Include one or more references from verifiable, reliable sources. -->
| updated       = <!-- (yes/no); Leave blank if you aren't sure -->
| updated2      = <!-- (yes/no); only if there's a second article and article2 is filled in! Leave blank if unsure -->
| nominator     =  <!-- Do NOT change this -->
| updater       = <!-- Should be filled with the username of the person who has contributed the most to updates. -->
| updater2      = <!-- if more than one updater -->
| updater3      = <!-- if more than two updaters -->
| ITNR          = no <!-- 'No' by default. Only put in 'yes' if the event is listed at WP:ITNR -->
| nom cmt       = <!-- Add the reason for nominating the item and/or any problems. -->
| sign          = ~~~~ <!-- Do NOT change this -->
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