Tashkent Mechanical Plant

Joint-Stock Company Tashkent Mechanical Plant
Native name
Uzbek: Toshkent Mexanika Zavodi Aksiyadorlik Jamiyati
JSC national company Tashkent Aviation Production Association after V. P. Chkalov
Open joint-stock company
FateTaken over in 2015
Founded1932; 86 years ago (1932)
HeadquartersTashkent, Uzbekistan
Area served
Key people
Isokov Zafar Zinnatulloevich (Chairman and CEO)[1]
The entrance of Tashkent Aviation Production Association.

Tashkent Mechanical Plant (TMZ) (Uzbek: Toshkent Mexanika Zavodi), formerly Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after V. P. Chkalov (TAPO or TAPOiCh) (Uzbek: V.P.Chkalov nomli Toshkent aviatsiya ishlab chiqarish birlashmasi) is a leading high-technology company of Uzbekistan, which was originally moved from Russia to the rear of the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan in 1941 during World War II.

The enterprise declared bankruptcy in September 2010 and was planning to end all aircraft production in 2012 with the external management procedure was terminated in November 2013 after settling with its creditors in October.

However, due to Russian interest, the plant considered resuming production and focus on the production of Ilyushin Il-114 passenger and cargo aircraft, as well as keep its major specialization: assembly and repair of aircraft. These plans, though, contradicted the Uzbek government's desire to close aircraft-related activities and focus on its current production of structural units, household products, spare parts for cars and agricultural equipment.[2][3]

The plant renamed as "Tashkent Mechanical Plant" on 1 January 2014[2] and resume operation as legal entity on 24 January 2014. Then the company exited aircraft production in 2015, but retaining aircraft parts, components production and aviation MRO services.[4]

Based on the presidential decree from the then Uzbekistan president Islam Karimov on 30 April 2015, Uzbekistan Railways takes control of Tashkent Mechanical Plant on 1 May 2015.


During the first and the second five-year plans, the Soviet government tried to supply the aviation sector with the national production.

In the first plan was created the ANT aircraft family. The planes played a great role in the civil aircraft sector but the progress in the following decades has rendered these planes obsolete and they have been modernized or replaced.

In the second plan, it was founded in 1932 in the city of Khimki, Moscow region as the 84 Repairing Factory of GVF (Civil Aviation Fleet). It was later remnants the Aviation Factory, after V. P. Chkalov.[5]