Average tariff rates for selected countries (1913–2007)
Tariff rates in Japan (1870–1960)
Average tariff rates in Spain and Italy (1860–1910)
Average tariff rates (France, UK, US)
Average tariff rates in USA (1821–2016)
U.S. trade balance (1895–2015)
Average tariff rates on manufactured products
Average levels of duties (1875 and 1913)
Trade policy, exports and growth in selected European countries

A tariff is a tax on imports or exports between sovereign states.

In other languages and very occasionally in English, tariff or its equivalent may also be used to describe any list of prices (e.g., electrical tariff).


The small Spanish town of Tarifa is sometimes credited with being the origin of the word " tariff", since it was the first port in history to charge merchants for the use of its docks. [1] The name "Tarifa" itself is derived from the name of the Berber warrior, Tarif ibn Malik. However, other sources assume that the origin of tariff is the Italian word tariffa translated as "list of prices, book of rates", which is derived from the Arabic ta'rif meaning "making known" or "to define". [2]

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