Tagórri تاجورة
The port of Tadjoura in Djibouti.
The port of Tadjoura in Djibouti.
Tadjoura is located in Djibouti
Location in Djibouti
Coordinates: 11°47′N 42°53′E / 11°47′N 42°53′E / 11.783; 42.883
CountryFlag of Djibouti.svg Djibouti
 • Total3 km2 (1 sq mi)
4 m (13 ft)
 • Total14,820

Tadjoura (Afar: Tagórri; Arabic: تاجورةTağūrah) is one of the oldest towns in Djibouti and the capital of the Tadjourah Region. The town evolved into an early Islamic center with the arrival of Muslims shortly after the hegira. An important port for many centuries, it was ruled by a succession of polities, including the Ifat Sultanate, Adal Sultanate, the Ottoman Empire, France until Djibouti's independence in 1977. Lying on the Gulf of Tadjoura, it is home to a population of around 45,000 inhabitants. It is the third largest city in the country after Djibouti City and Ali Sabieh.

Tadjoura has an airstrip and is linked by ferry with Djibouti City. It is also known for its whitewashed buildings and nearby beaches, along with its mosques.


The Afar name Tagórri derives from the noun tágor or tógor, (pl. tágar meaning "outre à puiser" ("goatskin flask for drawing water"). The name Tagórri is specifically derived from *tagór-li, which means "qui a des outre à puiser" ("that which has goatskin flasks to draw water"), in effect meaning "abondante en eau" ("abundant with water").[1]

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