OriginShimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan
GenresAlternative rock, indie rock, emo
Years active1996–2008, 2014–present
LabelsTinstar Records, Daizawa Records, Nippon Columbia, Universal Music
MembersTakashi Igarashi
Daiki Nakahata
Maki Kitada
Past membersMotoaki Satou (left the band in 2002)

Syrup16g (シロップじゅうろくグラム, Shiroppu Jūroku Guramu) is a Japanese alternative rock band formed in the suburbs of Tokyo.


Syrup16g formed in 1993 when Igarashi and drummer Nakahata Daiki met at vocational school in Sendai and decided to form a band. Shortly after, bassist Satou Motoaki and a short-lived vocalist joined the band. In 1996, the vocalist left and guitarist Igarashi (who had written the songs all along) took over vocal duties. From the release of their first 6 song demo EP in 1998 until 2001, the band built quite a name for themselves in the Sendai indie scene, attracting the attention of indie label Daizawa Records, the label also responsible for Condor44 and Tsubakiya Shijuusou.

In 2001, Syrup's first album, Copy was released on Daizawa Records to critical acclaim, with the record-release show at Shimokitazawa's Club Que selling out. Tours of western Japan with Art-School and label-mates Condor44 followed shortly after, vaulting Syrup into the public eye. Their major label debut on Columbia, Coup D'état, followed in 2002 along with shows with Bloodthirsty Butchers and Losalios. Shortly after the release of Coup D'état, bassist Satoh parted ways with the band, and Studio Apes bassist Kitada Maki joined to replace him.

For about 3 years, Syrup16g kept up a backbreaking pace of touring and studio work, consistently releasing more than one album a year and never failing to both tour in support of the albums and appear at major events such as the Rock in Japan Festival and the Fuji Rock Festival. In addition, they have released two live DVDs and a number of singles.

In early 2006, Syrup16g scaled down their touring schedule to accommodate the schedules of the members' side projects, and no album release was planned.

At a December 7, 2007 concert at NHK Hall, the band announced that it would dissolve following a final performance at Nippon Budokan on March 1, 2008. The announcement was confirmed on the band's official website.

At June 27, 2014 it was reported that Syrup16g would return with a new album "Hurt" to be released on August 27. The announcement was confirmed by band members through major news sources.

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