Symphony No. 9 (Bruckner)

Symphony No. 9
by Anton Bruckner
Bruckner final years.jpg
KeyD minor
CatalogueWAB 109
Composed1887 (1887) – 1896 (1896): (unfinished)
DedicationTo the beloved God
Movements4 started, 3 completed

Symphony No. 9 in D minor is the last symphony upon which Anton Bruckner worked, leaving the last movement incomplete at the time of his death in 1896; Bruckner dedicated it "to the beloved God" (in German, dem lieben Gott). The symphony was premiered under Ferdinand Löwe in Vienna in 1903.

(Disambiguation note: While logical to name this "Symphony in D minor, opus posthumous", that name usually refers to the "nullified" Symphony in D minor.)


Bruckner is said to have dedicated his Ninth Symphony to "the beloved God". August Göllerich and Max Auer, in their biography of Bruckner, Ein Lebens- und Schaffensbild, claim he expressed to his doctor, Richard Heller, this dedication of his work saying:

"You see, I have already dedicated two earthly majesty symphonies to poor King Ludwig as the royal patron of the arts [VII. Symphony, note d. Ed.] To our illustrious, dear Emperor as the highest earthly majesty, whom I acknowledge [VIII. Symphony, note d. Ed.] And now I dedicate my last work to the majesty of all the majesties, the beloved God, and hope that he will give me so much time to complete the same."[1]