Suvorov Square (Saint Petersburg)

View of Suvorov Square by night from the Field of Mars

Suvorov Square (Russian: Суворовская площадь, tr. Suvorovskaya Ploshchad) is a city square in Tsentralny District, Saint Petersburg. It is located between Palace Embankment and the junction of the embankment of the Swan Canal and Millionnaya Street, at the southern end of the Trinity Bridge and the northern end of the Field of Mars.[1] It is bordered to the east by the Saltykov Mansion and to the west by the service wing of the Marble Palace.[1]


Construction on the left bank of the Neva began in the early years of the city's foundation. The riverbank was strengthened with wooden embankments, and from the early 1760s, by stone ones. The embankment was rebuilt between the Summer Garden and the Winter Palace in the 1770s and the river frontage became a popular site for the palaces and townhouses of the wealthy and powerful. [2] One plot, now occupied by the Saltykov Mansion, passed through a number of owners, before being gifted to Count Nikolai Saltykov by Empress Catherine the Great.[2]