Susenyos I

Susenyos I
Emperor of Ethiopia
Susenyos Wellcome L0031387 (cropped).jpg
Susenyos slaying a demon, in the manner of Saint George; taken from a prayer scroll
Died(1632-09-17)17 September 1632 (aged 59-60)
HouseHouse of Solomon
ReligionOriental Orthodox (1572-1622)Catholic (1622-1632)

Susenyos I (also Sisinios, Sisinnius, Susənyos; Ge'ez: ሱስንዮስ sūsinyōs; throne name Malak Sagad III, Ge'ez: መልአክ ሰገድ, mal'ak sagad, Amharic: mel'āk seged, "to whom the angel bows"; 1572 – 17 September 1632)[1] was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1606 to 1632. His father was Abeto (Prince) Fasilides, son of Abeto (Prince) Yakob, who was a son of Dawit II. As a result, while some authorities list Susenyos as a member of the Solomonic dynasty, others consider him, instead of his son, Fasilides, as the founder of the Gondar line of the dynasty (ultimately a subset, however, of the Solomonic dynasty).

Manuel de Almeida, a Portuguese Jesuit who lived in Ethiopia during Susenyos' reign, described him as tall, with the features of a man of quality, large handsome eyes "and an ample and well groomed beard. He was wearing a tunic of crimson velvet down to the knee, breeches of the Moorish style, a sash or girdle of many large pieces of fine gold, and an outer coat of damask of the same colour, like a capelhar".[2]

Early Life

As a boy, a group of Oromo fighters captured him and his father, holding them captive for over a year until they were rescued by the Dejazmach Assebo. Upon his rescue, he went to live with Queen Admas Mugessa, the mother of Sarsa Dengel and widow of Emperor Menas. His mother was Ḥamelmal Wärq, who conceived Susenyos with Fasilidas while married to another man.[3]

In 1590s, Susenyos was perceived as one of the potential successors to the throne, as Emperor Sarsa Dengel's sons were very young. In order to eliminate him from the competition, Empress Maryam Sena had Susenyos exiled, but Susenyos managed to escape and find refuge amongst the Oromo. From 1597 to 1603, initially adopted by the ** Oromo clan in the Walaqa area, Susenyos assembled a powerful army of clansmen, raiding several provinces at the head of an Kafre and Tulama clan army, raiding successively Gafat, Menz, and southern Gojjam.

At the death of his one-time ally, Emperor Za Dengel, he was proclaimed his successor and returned to the realm, although the fight against Emperor Yaqob continued.[4]

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