Submission (2004 film)

Directed byTheo van Gogh
Produced byTheo van Gogh
Gijs van de Westelaken
Written byAyaan Hirsi Ali
Music byTheo van Gogh
CinematographyTheo van Gogh
Edited byTheo van Gogh
Release date
  • 29 August 2004 (2004-08-29)
Running time
10 minutes

Submission is a 2004 English-language Dutch short drama film produced and directed by Theo van Gogh, and written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a former member of the Dutch House of Representatives for the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy); it was shown on the Dutch public broadcasting network (VPRO) on 29 August 2004. The film's title is one of the possible translations of the Arabic word "Islam". A Muslim fundamentalist reacted to the film by assassinating Van Gogh.


Image of a woman's body with Koranic verses written on it from the film Submission. The actress plays the role of a Muslim woman (dressed with a transparent black clothing), having been beaten and raped by a relative. The bodies are used in the film as a canvas for verses from the Quran.[1]

The film tells the story of four fictional characters played by a single actress wearing a veil,[2] but clad in a see-through chador, her naked body painted with verses from the Quran.[1] The characters are Muslim women who have been abused in various ways. The film contains 24:2), by showing them painted on women’s bodies.

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