Stigmatoteuthis arcturi

Stigmatoteuthis arcturi
Scientific classification edit
S. arcturi
Binomial name
Stigmatoteuthis arcturi
Robson, 1948[2]

Histioteuthis arcturi (Robson, 1948)

Stigmatoteuthis arcturi, commonly known as the jewelled squid,[3] is a species of cock-eyed squid from the family Histioteuthidae. It occurs throughout the subtropical and tropical Atlantic Ocean in the mesopelagic zone.


Like the other members of its genus, Stigmatoteuthis arcturi has very long arms in comparison with its mantle length. Other features of the genus include pairing of the reproductive organs in the male, the central line of light organs on the head having three photophores, and the basal line eight photophores and three sawteeth. The photophores on the front half of the underside of the mantle are compound and evenly spaced, but there are no compound photophores on the tips of the fourth pair of arms. The central row of suckers on the tentacular clubs are enlarged and at least four times the diameter of the tiny suckers in the outer rows. The skin of larger individuals develops dermal warts underneath the epidermis. Females grow to a length of about 200 mm (8 in) and males to about 125 mm (5 in).[4]

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