Stellaria media

Common chickweed
Kaldari Stellaria media 01.jpg
Flowers of the common chickweed
Scientific classification
(unranked):Core eudicots
Species:S. media
Binomial name
Stellaria media

Alsine media L.
Stellaria Apetala Ucria ex Roem.

Stellaria media - MHNT

Stellaria media, chickweed, is an annual flowering plant in the carnation family Caryophyllaceae. It is native to Europe, but naturalized in many parts of North America. It is used as a cooling herbal remedy, and grown as a vegetable crop and ground cover for both human consumption and poultry. It is sometimes called common chickweed to distinguish it from other plants called chickweed. Other common names include chickenwort, craches, maruns, winterweed. The plant germinates in autumn or late winter, then forms large mats of foliage.


The plants are annual and with weak slender stems, they reach a length up to 40 cm. Sparsely hairy, with hairs in a line along the stem. The leaves are oval and opposite, the lower ones with stalks. Flowers are white and small with 5 very deeply lobed petals. The stamens are usually 3 and the styles 3.[1] The flowers are followed quickly by the seed pods. This plant flowers and sets seed at the same time.

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