Stefan Uroš I

Stefan Uroš I
King Stefan Uroš I with his son Stefan Dragutin.jpg
Stefan Uroš I with his son Dragutin
King of Serbia
PredecessorStefan Vladislav
SuccessorStefan Dragutin
Bornc. 1223
DiedMay 1, 1277 (aged 55)
SpouseHelen of Anjou
HouseNemanjić dynasty
FatherStefan Nemanjić
MotherAnna Dandolo
ReligionEastern Orthodox
SignatureStefan Uroš I's signature

Stefan Uroš I (Serbian Cyrillic: Стефан Урош I; c. 1223 – May 1, 1277), known as Uroš the Great (Урош Велики)[a] was the King of Serbia from 1243 to 1276, succeeding his brother Stefan Vladislav. He was one of the most important rulers in Serbian history.[1]

Early life

Stefan Uroš was the youngest son of Stefan the First-Crowned and Anna, the granddaughter of Enrico Dandolo, Doge of Venice. Uroš inherited many personality traits from his mother and paternal grandfather Stefan Nemanja, who raised him along with his two older brothers (Stefan Radoslav and Stefan Vladislav).[1] (Note that "Stefan" is a high-ranking title, not only a name).

Scholars have argued that Bulgarian influence had been strong and unpopular, causing opposition that led to Vladislav's deposition after the death of Asen.[2] The revolting nobility had chosen Uroš as their candidate for king; from 1242 to spring 1243, a war for the throne was fought, which ended with Vladislav being forced to give up the crown in favour of Uroš.[3] It seems that Uroš quickly captured Vladislav and held him in prison. The main resistance against Uroš was led by Vladislav's wife, Beloslava.[3] The hostilities did not last long, and the brothers quickly settled.[3] Uroš was courteous towards Vladislav, gave him the administration of Zeta, and allowed him to use the title of "king".[3] It is not known exactly why the nobility revolted against Vladislav, nor are the details of the conflict between the two brothers.[3]

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