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Current logo used since April 5, 2016
LaunchedFebruary 1, 1994; 24 years ago (1994-02-01)
Owned byStarz Inc.
Picture format480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaNationwide
HeadquartersMeridian, Colorado
Formerly calledStarz! (1994–2005)
Sister channel(s)
Timeshift service
  • Starz East
  • Starz West
  • Starz Cinema East
  • Starz Cinema West
  • Starz Comedy East
  • Starz Comedy West
  • Starz Edge East
  • Starz Edge West
  • Starz Kids & Family East
  • Starz Kids & Family West
  • Starz In Black East
  • Starz In Black West
  • 525 Starz (East; SD/HD)
  • 526 Starz (West; SD/HD)
  • 527 Starz Kids & Family (HD)
  • 528 Starz Comedy (HD)
  • 529 Starz Edge (SD/HD)
  • 530 Starz In Black (SD/HD)
  • 531 Starz Cinema (HD)
  • 1525 Starz On Demand
Dish Network
  • 350 Starz (East; SD/HD)
  • 351 Starz (West; SD/HD)
  • 352 Starz Edge (SD/HD)
  • 353 Starz Cinema (SD)
  • 354 Starz Comedy (SD/HD)
  • 355 Starz In Black (SD)
  • 356 Starz Kids & Family (SD/HD)
Available on most U.S. cable systemsConsult your local cable provider or program listings source for channel availability
Verizon FIOS340–347 (SD)
840–847 (HD)
AT&T U-verse
  • 902 Starz (East; SD)
  • 903 Starz (West; SD)
  • 904 Starz Edge (SD)
  • 906 Starz In Black (SD)
  • 908 Starz Cinema (SD)
  • 910 Starz Comedy (SD)
  • 912 Starz Kids & Family (SD)
  • 1902 Starz (East; HD)
  • 1903 Starz (West; HD)
  • 1904 Starz Edge (HD)
  • 1906 Starz In Black (HD)
  • 1908 Starz Cinema (HD)
  • 1910 Starz Comedy (HD)
  • 1912 Starz Kids & Family (HD)
Streaming media
Sling TVInternet Protocol television
DirecTV NowInternet Protocol television
YouTube TVInternet Protocol television
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Starz (stylized as STARZ; pronounced "stars") is an American premium cable and satellite television network which serves as Starz Inc.'s flagship service. Starz's programming features theatrically released motion pictures and first-run original television series.

The headquarters of Starz, and its sister networks Starz Encore and MoviePlex, are located at the Meridian International Business Center complex in Englewood, Colorado.[1] As of January 2016, Starz is available to 31 million households in the United States.[2]


Starz logo, used from February 1, 1994 to March 27, 2005,

Starz, at the time stylized as "Starz!" with an exclamation point, was launched at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on February 1, 1994, primarily on cable systems operated by Tele-Communications Inc.; the first two movies aired on the network were dramas released in 1992: respectively, Scent of a Woman[3] and The Crying Game. The network was originally operated as a joint venture between TCI and Liberty Media (both companies were controlled by John Malone), with TCI owning a 50.1% controlling interest in the channel.[4]

Starz made its debut as the first phase of a seven-channel thematic multiplex that was launched by Starz (then Encore Media Group) over the course of the succeeding eight months, with the remaining six channels being launched between July and September 1994.[5][6] The multiplex was intended to only include six channels, however on May 31, 1993, Encore acquired the pay cable rights to telecast recent feature films from Universal Pictures released after that year; as a result, TCI/Liberty decided to create an additional premium pay TV service to serve as a competitor to HBO and Showtime.[5] The network carried the moniker "Encore 8" in its on-air branding as part of a numbering system that was used by Encore's multiplex channels.[7] Early trademark filings indicated that TCI/Liberty originally proposed names including "Applause" and "Stars" for the service (the "s" in the latter was ultimately changed to a "z" in the final naming).

Starz focused more on recent feature films, while Starz ENCORE (then Encore) focused on films released between the 1960s and the 1980s, before adding recent film fare itself in July 1999. It also held the television rights to releases from Carolco Pictures, Fine Line Features and its sibling studio New Line Cinema, and the Walt Disney Company–owned studios Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and Miramax. Films from those studios were not carried on STARZ until 1997, after Disney's output agreement with Showtime for its non-family-oriented films concluded. The network restricted the scheduling of films that contained graphic sexual or violent content to late evening and overnight time periods.[8]

Starz's availability was mainly limited to TCI's systems at launch, debuting with a one-month free preview available to prospective subscribers; it would eventually sign its first major carriage agreement outside the TCI group, through a deal with Continental Cablevision in September 1995.[9] In June 1997, Comcast signed an agreement to carry the network on its Pennsylvania and New Jersey systems to replace Philadelphia-based PRISM after that network shut down that October following the loss of its (and sister network SportsChannel Philadelphia's) sports programming to Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia.[10][11] The network gained carriage deals with many other major U.S. cable and satellite providers by the early 2000s, particularly with the adoption of digital cable, allowing for providers to add channels that they (even with capacity expansions of up to 60 channels) previously had limited room to carry. Starz was available to an estimated 2.8 million pay television subscribers by 1996, only one million of whom had subscribed to a cable or satellite provider other than TCI.[12]

As a startup network, Starz endured major losses during its early years, with total deficits topping US$203 million and annual losses of US$150 million by 1997. It was predicted to lose an additional US$300 million in revenue before it was predicted to break even.[13] Partly in an effort to get the network's substantial losses off its books, TCI announced a deal on June 2, 1997, in which it transferred majority ownership of the corporate entity that operated Starz, Encore Media Group, to sister company Liberty Media; TCI retained a 20% minority ownership interest in Encore Media Group. Liberty Media assumed the former company's stake in the subsidiary in 1999, following TCI's merger with AT&T Corporation.[4][14]

By May 1998, Starz maintained a subscriber base reaching 7.6 million households with a cable or satellite television subscription.[15] Encore Media Group was later renamed the Starz Encore Media Group in 2000.[16]

Starz logo, used from March 28, 2005 to April 6, 2008.

As part of a corporate restructuring plan in 2003, Starz Encore Group eliminated 100 jobs in its nine regional offices, and closed four of the offices outright.[17] On March 25, 2005, the Starz Encore Group corporate entity was renamed Starz Entertainment. A few days later, on March 28, 2005, Starz introduced a new logo, and was subsequently rebranded as "starz", in all lowercase.[18] On November 19, 2009, Liberty Media spun off Starz into a separate public tracking stock called Liberty Starz.[19]

Starz logo, used from April 7, 2008 to April 4, 2016.

On January 1, 2010, Chris Albrecht joined Starz as its president and chief executive officer, then overseeing all of the Starz entities including Starz Entertainment, Overture Films, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Film Roman.[20] On August 8, 2012, Liberty Media announced that it would spin off the Liberty Starz subsidiary into a separate publicly traded company.[21] The spin-off of the subsidiary was completed on January 11, 2013, with Liberty Starz changing its name to Starz as a result.[22]

On April 5, 2016, Starz was rebranded, introducing a new logo, this time stylized as "STARZ" in all uppercase. As part of the rebranding, Starz added all the Encore channels to its moniker, therefore increasing the Starz channel lineup to 14 Starz premium channels. Its main channel was rebranded Starz Encore and carries reruns of Starz Originals in addition to films.[23][24]

On June 30, 2016, Lionsgate agreed to acquire Starz Inc. for $4.4 billion in cash and stock; the acquisition was completed five months later on December 8.[25][26]

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