Stanko Vraz

Stanko Vraz

Stanko Vraz (born Jakob Frass) (30 June 1810 – 20 May 1851) was a Slovenian-Croatian poet. He Slavicized his name to Stanko Vraz in 1836.


Born in the village of Cerovec in Lower Styria, Austrian Empire (today in Slovenia), Vraz was one of the most important figures of the Illyrian Movement in the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia.[1] He was the first Croatian to earn his living as a professional writer. He wrote poems and travelogues and collected folk poems. He also translated foreign literature into Croatian.

While in Samobor, he met Julijana "Ljubica" Cantilly, the niece of his friend and colleague, Ljudevit Gaj.[2] She served as his muse, and he wrote and dedicated many poems and works to her.

Stanko Vraz died in Zagreb in 1851.

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