Southern Italy

Southern Italy

Map of Italy, highlighting southern Italy
 • Total123,024 km2 (47,500 sq mi)
 • Estimate 
(2013 est.)
 – Official languageItalian
 – Historical linguistic minorities
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Southern Italy (Italian: Sud Italia; Neapolitan: 'o Sudde; Sicilian: Italia dû Sud) or Mezzogiorno (Italian pronunciation: [ˌmɛddzoˈdʒorno],[2] literally "Midday" or "Noon";[3][4] in Neapolitan: 'o Miezojuorno; in Sicilian: Mezzujornu) is a macroregion of Italy meant to broadly denote the southern half of the Italian state.

Southern Italy covers in both historic and cultural terms the land once under the administration of the former Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily (officially denominated Regnum Siciliae citra Pharum and ultra Pharum, that is "Kingdom of Sicily on the other side of the Strait" and "across the Strait"), which shared a common organization into Italy's largest pre-unitarian state, the Kingdom of the two Sicilies.[5][3][6][7] The island of Sardinia experienced different historical vicissitudes, but is nonetheless often grouped together with the Mezzogiorno because of the similar economic conditions.[8][9]

The Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) employs the term "South Italy" (Italia Meridionale) to identify one of the five statistical regions in its reportings without Sicily and Sardinia, which form a distinct statistical region denominated "Insular Italy" (Italia Insulare).[10] These same subdivisions are at the bottom of the Italian First level NUTS of the European Union and the Italian constituencies for the European Parliament.


In a similar fashion to France's Midi ("midday" or "noon" in French), the Italian term Mezzogiorno refers to the intensity and the position of sunshine at midday in the South of the Italian peninsula.[3] The term later came into vogue after the annexation of the two Sicilies and the subsequent Italian unification.

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