Southern Italy

Southern Italy
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Regional statistics
CompositionAbruzzo Abruzzo
Apulia Apulia
Basilicata Basilicata
Calabria Calabria
Campania Campania
Molise Molise
 - Total

123,024 km2 (47,500 sq mi)
 - Total

20,610,490[1] (2013 est.)

Southern Italy or Mezzogiorno (Italian pronunciation: [ˌmɛddzoˈdʒorno],[2] literally "Midday") is a macroregion of Italy traditionally encompassing the territories of the former Kingdom of the two Sicilies (all the southern section of the Italian Peninsula and Sicily), with the frequent addition of the island of Sardinia.[3][4][5]

Southern Italy has many major tourist attractions, such as the Palace of Caserta, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and other archaeological sites (many of which are protected by UNESCO). There are also many ancient Greek cities in Southern Italy, such as Sybaris and Paestum, which were founded several centuries before the start of the Roman Republic. Some of its beaches, woodlands and mountains are preserved in several National Parks; a major example is La Sila, a mountainous plateau occupying the provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro in the region of Calabria.

The Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT) employs the term "South Italy" for identifying one of the five statistical regions in its reportings, but leaving out both Sicily and Sardinia, which form a distinct statistical region denominated "Insular Italy". These same subdivisions are at the bottom of the Italian First level NUTS of the European Union and the Italian constituencies for the European Parliament.


The term Mezzogiorno ("midday" in Italian) first came into use in the 18th century and is an Italian rendition of meridies (Latin for 'south', because of the sun's position at midday in the Northern Hemisphere). The term was later popularised by Giuseppe Garibaldi and it eventually came into vogue after the Italian unification.

In a similar manner, Southern France is colloquially known as le Midi ("midday" in French).

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