Soli, Cilicia

The geographical location of the ancient city Soli of Cilicia in a modern map of Turkey. The red dot shows the position of Mersin. At the present scale, it coincides with the position of Soli which is slightly on the west.

Soli ( Greek: Σόλοι, Soloi) was an ancient city and port in Cilicia, in present-day Turkey, a part of Mezitli municipality which in turn is a part of Greater Mersin. It was a colony of Rhodes, founded c. 700 BC. Soli was destroyed in the 1st century BC, and rebuilt by Pompey the Great. Thereafter, it was called Pompeiopolis ( Greek: Πομπηιούπολις), not to be confused with the Pompeiopolis in Paphlagonia. The word solecism is derived from Soli, since the dialect of Greek spoken there was considered by Athenians to be a corrupted form of Attic Greek. [1]

Charles Robert Cockrell visited the site of 'Pompeiopolis' in June 1813. Examination of his travel intinery and the archaeological remains present along the coastline of southern Turkey, suggests that Soloi-Pompeiopolis is located at Elaiussa-Sebaste. [2]

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