Small intestine cancer

Small intestine cancer
Other namesSmall bowel cancer, cancer of the small bowel
Multiple Carcinoid Tumors of the Small Bowel 2.jpg
Picture of a carcinoid tumour that encroaches into lumen of the small bowel. Pathology specimen. The prominent folds are plicae circulares, a characteristic of small bowel.
SpecialtyOncology, general surgery

Small intestine cancer is a cancer of the small intestine. It is relatively rare compared to other gastrointestinal malignancies such as gastric cancer (stomach cancer) and colorectal cancer.[citation needed]

Small intestine cancer can be subdivided into duodenal cancer (the first part of the small intestine) and cancer of the jejunum and ileum (the later two parts of the small intestine). Duodenal cancer has more in common with stomach cancer, while cancer of the jejunum and ileum have more in common with colorectal cancer. Five year survival rates are 65%.[1]

Several different subtypes of small intestine cancer exist. These include:

Risk factors

Endoscopic image of adenocarcinoma of duodenum seen in the post-bulbar duodenum.

Risk factors for small intestine cancer include:[2][3]

Benign tumours and conditions that may be mistaken for cancer of the small bowel: