Simon the Sorcerer (series)

Simon the Sorcerer is a series of point-and-click adventure games created by Adventure Soft. The series follows the adventures of an unwilling hero of the same name and has a strong fantasy setting similar to Sierra's King's Quest and Westwood's The Legend of Kyrandia series. The game varies in style, however, as it is more poised to be a parody of the fantasy genre than a member of the genre itself, with many renowned folklore characters appearing differently from what they are generally presumed to be.

The first two games are often compared with the Monkey Island series in terms of style and humour,[1] and the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels and derivative games.Unlike many older adventure games, several of the titles in the series are still available for purchase new.[2] The first and second games in the series are also playable using ScummVM.[3]

About Simon

Simon the Sorcerer is a teenager transported into a fantasy world as a sorcerer dressed in a cloak and pointy hat; his cloak and hat are purple in the first game, but change to red for the rest of the series (aside from possible magical colour changes in the third game). He must use his logic and magical skills to solve puzzles as he progresses through the games.

Simon is rude and insulting to many of the characters he meets. This tends to interfere with the success of his quests, forcing him to go to ridiculous lengths in order to complete puzzles. Simon also breaks the fourth wall with his comments about adventure games.