Siege of Nicaea

Siege of Nicaea
Part of the First Crusade and Byzantine-Seljuk wars
13th-century miniature (BNF Fr. 779)
DateMay 14 – June 19, 1097
Nicaea (present-day İznik, Turkey)
ResultCrusader–Byzantine victory
Nicaea restored to the Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire
Sultanate of Rûm
Commanders and leaders
Bohemond of Taranto
Raymond IV of Toulouse
Adhemar of Le Puy
Godfrey of Bouillon
Robert II of Normandy
Robert II of Flanders
Stephen of Blois
Tancred of Hauteville
Hugh of Vermandois
Eustace III of Boulogne
Baldwin of Boulogne
Manuel Boutoumites
Kilij Arslan I

~30,000 infantry
~4,200-4,500 cavalry [1]

2,000 light infantry and naval support[2]

Nicaean garrison:
Unknown, but sizeable

Kilij Arslan's relief force:
~10,000, mostly mounted archers [3]
Casualties and losses

The Siege of Nicaea took place from May 14 to June 19, 1097, during the First Crusade.


Nicaea (İznik), located on the eastern shore of Lake Askania, had been captured from the Byzantine Empire by the Seljuk Turks in 1081, and formed the capital of the Sultanate of Rum. In 1096, the People's Crusade, the first stage of the First Crusade, had plundered the land surrounding the city, before being destroyed by the Turks. As a result, Sultan Kilij Arslan I initially felt that the second wave of crusaders were not a threat. He left his family and his treasury behind in Nicaea and went east to fight the Danishmends for control of the Melitene.

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