Siege of Kerak

Siege of Kerak
Part of Crusades
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Kerak Castle
DateEarly November – 4 December 1183
ResultCrusader victory
Vexillum Regni Hierosolymae.svg Kingdom of JerusalemFlag of Ayyubid Dynasty.svg Ayyubids
Commanders and leaders
Vexillum Regni Hierosolymae.svg Raynald of Châtillon
Vexillum Regni Hierosolymae.svg King Baldwin IV
Flag of Ayyubid Dynasty.svg Saladin
Flag of Ayyubid Dynasty.svg Al-Adil I[1]
Flag of Ayyubid Dynasty.svg Al-Muzaffar Umar
Flag of Ayyubid Dynasty.svg Kara Arslan
Flag of Ayyubid Dynasty.svg Sheref ad-Din Barghosh 
Unknown8 siege engines[2]
Casualties and losses

The Siege of Kerak took place in 1183, with Saladin's forces attacking and being repelled from the Crusader stronghold.


Kerak was the stronghold of Raynald of Châtillon, Lord of Oultrejordain, 124 km south of Amman.[3] The fortress was built in 1142 by Pagan the Butler, Lord of Montreal.[3] While Raynald ruled, several truces existed between the Christian and Muslim states in the Holy Land, none of which he made any qualms about breaking. The last straw came in 1183 when he organized an expedition around the Red Sea. He captured the town of Aqaba, giving him a base of operations against Islam's holiest city, Mecca. Saladin, the leader of the Muslim forces, could not tolerate this and moved against Raynald's stronghold.

Demonstrations of war machines used during the Siege of Kerak in Kerak Castle Museum
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