Secretary of State for Transport

Secretary of State for Transport
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Department for Transport
StyleTransport Secretary
The Right Honourable
(within the UK and the Commonwealth)
AppointerThe Monarch
on advice of the Prime Minister
Formation19 May 1919
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Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Transport is the member of the cabinet responsible for the British Department for Transport. The office used to be called the Minister of Transport and has been merged with the Department for the Environment at various times.

The current Secretary of State for Transport is Chris Grayling.

The Secretary of State is supported by a small team of junior Ministers. Each Minister is a Member of Parliament from either the House of Commons or the House of Lords. The number of Ministers supporting the Secretary of State for Transport vary from time to time, but is usually about 3. The titles given to these Ministers also vary. Currently the positions are held by one Minister of State for Transport and two Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State for Transport.

During the tenure of different governments the title of Minister of/for Transport has been used to refer to the Secretary of State for Transport, one or more of the junior Ministers or even both the Secretary of State and the junior Ministers at the same time.

From 2003 until June 2007 the role of Secretary of State for Transport was combined with the role of Secretary of State for Scotland. This arrangement changed on 28 June 2007, when in the appointment of his first Cabinet, Prime Minister Gordon Brown assigned the responsibilities of Secretary of State for Scotland to Des Browne, his Secretary of State for Defence.

The names provided in the sections below are those who have served in a position equivalent to the Secretary of State for Transport.

Minister of Transport (1919–1941)

Colour key (for political parties):
  Conservative   Labour   National Labour   Liberal   National Liberal

Name Term of office Political party Prime Minister
Eric Campbell Geddes 19 May 1919 7 November 1921 Conservative David Lloyd George
The Viscount Peel 7 November 1921 12 April 1922 Conservative
The Earl of Crawford 12 April 1922 31 October 1922 Conservative
Sir John Baird, Bt 31 October 1922 22 January 1924 Conservative Bonar Law
Stanley Baldwin
Harry Gosling 24 January 1924 3 November 1924 Labour Ramsay MacDonald
Wilfrid Ashley 11 November 1924 4 June 1929 Conservative Stanley Baldwin
Herbert Morrison 7 June 1929 24 August 1931 Labour Ramsay MacDonald
John Pybus 3 September 1931 22 February 1933 Liberal Ramsay MacDonald
(1st & 2nd National min.)
Hon. Oliver Stanley 22 February 1933 29 June 1934 Conservative
Leslie Hore-Belisha 29 June 1934 28 May 1937 National Liberal
Stanley Baldwin
(3rd National min.)
Leslie Burgin 28 May 1937 21 April 1939 National Liberal Neville Chamberlain
(4th National min.)
Euan Wallace 21 April 1939 14 May 1940 Conservative Neville Chamberlain
(War Coalition)
John Reith 14 May 1940 3 October 1940 National Independent Winston Churchill
(War Coalition)
John Moore-Brabazon 3 October 1940 1 May 1941 Conservative